Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today was a really long day. I participated in a brain wave study to get credit for my psychology class. We have to have six hours of study by the end of the semester.

Electrode cap!
And then I spent the whole evening at the art building working on my design project. The assignment was to demonstrate the 8 Gestalt principles by creating images in adobe illustrator. You might want to click on the picture to see it full size. other news, during the day for halloween I will be a newsie. But at night, Danny and I will be robots! Flight of the Conchords dressed as robots actually. I'm Jemaine.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fear and Desire

My latest assignment for drawing is to produce two drawings, one representing fear and the other representing desire. The two must also have something in common with each other. So, because Halloween is coming up, I decided to tie that in with this project.



Also, for design we did some photography studio work. We had to pick three of our own objects that we found interesting and photograph them at least 12 times each. We're going to do more with the pictures later, but here are my three objects:

One of my favorite necklaces. My mom gave it to me this summer I think.

A pound purry from my childhood. This one's name was Midnight.

Pee-Wee bobble head. This used to be Erica's.
And in other news, I'm getting my very first C in a class. It's actually a C+. And it's actually an 83%. Back in NORMAL GRADING SCALE land that would be a B. Sigh.

I need a Halloween costume. Not scream and not a sexy nurse. I've been thinking about being a newsie. Like in the movie The Newsies.

And...that's all I have for now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

An update on my life.

Alright, so Nick and I met Mindy Kaling...

Danny and I played a drinking game with soda....

And here's my latest assignment in drawing.